Opportunities In
Face-To-Face Fundraising


With over 800 devoted fundraisers, we are North America’s largest face-to-face fundraising partner. Our teams can be seen in communities from coast-to-coast canvassing on behalf of important global causes.

Be The Catalyst For A Greater Good

Every member of the Globalfaces team shares a passion for affecting positive change. Some canvass for a cause, while others contribute to campaign ideas and insight. Whatever the role may be, our collective efforts are aimed at being the catalyst for good.

You’re invited to join our mission. As an ambassador of acquisition, you’ll have the opportunity to represent organizations that influence health and well-being, child advocacy, environmental protection, human rights, and much more.

Diversity is in
our DNA

As the faces that from connection, we see ourselves as a reflection of the multicultural communities we serve. In that way, Globalfaces is truly an organization for all. We offer equal opportunity to all of our members, with opportunity for professional development and advancement at all levels.

Grow With Globalfaces

Represent leading global not-for-profits.

Our ambassadors represent some of the most influential and transformational global charities.

Collaborative team environment.

Work alongside and learn from other passionate professional philanthropists.

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Apply technology to enrich the human connection.

Learn how data science can be used to understand donor behaviour and inform acquisition cues.

Be a part of a growing company.

We are constantly innovating our services and strategies to deliver greater value to our partners.

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Make an impact.

Empower charities to address societal problems and achieve change for those they represent.

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Find fulfillment in what you do.

Fundraising is much more than a job. It’s a career path that’s rewarding and full of opportunity.

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Enjoy the perks of employment.

We offer competitive wages, paid sick days, schedule flexibility, and comprehensive benefits to all Globalfaces members.

Current Job Openings


The Field Success Manager (FSM) drives retention, development and growth of our Field Operations through focusing on new manager onboarding, training, gear oversight, events management and special projects.

Outbound donor acquisition representative

The Outbound Sales Representative will report to the Outbound Sales Manager, and is responsible for acquiring a high volume of quality donors for the top charities in Canada.


Reporting to the Data Analyst, the Operations Administrator will carry out the daily functional tasks required to support our Data Analytics & Sales Operations department in their efforts to provide new operational efficiencies, maintain business growth and optimize the client experience.


Globalfaces Direct is seeking a talented and analytical Accountant to provide outstanding operational support to the Finance Team by ensuring day to day and month to month functions are completed to the highest standards.


In this role, you will be cross-trained on every discipline to provide our donors and fundraisers with the best in class verification services.