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Our Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Recruiters Explain What It Takes to Be a Non-profit Charity Fundraiser at Globalfaces Direct

Earlier this week our non-profit charity fundraisers set out to knock on doors across the Lower Mainland to introduce neighbours to the important work of War Child Canada. Other face-to-face fundraisers continued to hit the streets for BC Cancer Foundation. Both organizations have put their trust in us to raise awareness, raise funds and acquire more longterm monthly donors. By recruiting the most qualified team to represent many high profile international charities, we’ve been able to develop a unique face-to-face fundraising process with a low attrition rate guarantee.

Representing the heart of our business is the fundraiser, someone who knows how to make positive interactions work.

Before we share what it takes to be among the best non-profit charity fundraisers, let’s explore why you need to partner with us: to create a better donor experience that lasts beyond the one year subscription. The donor experience is key to attrition-proof fundraising. From their first interaction with our non-profit charity fundraiser to the follow-up phone call with our callcentre team member, 70-75% of donors we acquire for you stick around beyond one year because our team members are compassionate, outgoing, passionate and best qualified to represent your organization.

How do we ensure that your longterm monthly donors have great experiences? It all begins with how we recruit fundraisers.

Our fundraising partnership includes a unique non-profit charity fundraiser recruitment process that has the capacity to identify natural leaders and pair their passion for making the world a better place directly to cause. They are  experienced sales managers, often possessing college degrees and advanced training in direct marketing. They know the rigours of face-to-face fundraising, and hard work doesn’t intimidate them one bit.

Each non-profit charity fundraiser is courteous, qualified and a natural at interacting with the public to raise awareness and welcome on new monthly donors for your not-for-profit organization. They work closely with the rest of our team to make sure you have a thorough understanding of each donor through tech-aided realtime transparency. Their hard work provides a solid foundation on which to build a lasting donor relationship.

Employment of fundraisers is projected to grow 17 percent over the next decade, according to Stats Canada. There is rising demand for skillful non-profit charity fundraisers able to contribute to your longterm success. We take care of recruiting and training the most qualified fundraising pros.

Our non-profit charity fundraisers acquire longterm donors that further your campaign, further your cause. Our results prove it.

We can confirm that one-on-one engagement is the most personalized and cost-effective way to raise funds. How may we help your organization?

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