You can’t force donors into a box. If you try, they no longer see eye-to-eye with you.

When donors don’t see the good that you do, they cancel recurring donations. It’s hard to recoup funding. When you can’t raise funds, you can’t make a difference. That puts you in a tight spot. How can Globalfaces Direct help?

We connect with each person we meet on a personal level. We know what they want because we track every interaction—yes, even negative ones. Hired, trained and deployed around the world, our network of field agents become brand ambassadors for your charity and champions for your cause. We’re passionate. We’re charismatic. And we love to get out there and meet people. We’re on sidewalks, at special events and at doorsteps to inspire people to give. And they do. In fact, many of them convert into longterm monthly donors. How? After we meet face to face, we continue to interact with donors in personalized ways.

You always know what we’re doing and how well we’re doing it. We equip your charity with integrative software, state-of-the-art technology and transparent processes that keep you informed and steps ahead of other not-for-profit organizations that compete for the same donors. Since you may already have a donor management system, we make sure our system fully integrates with yours. That way, when you start receiving realtime in-depth data from the field, you know how to access it and where to put it. Our aim is to give you more control over face-to-face fundraising, instead of having to wait for updates after the campaign.

Unlike any other face-to-face fundraising provider, we offer a chance to evaluate our services. We kick off a good relationship by not requiring a longterm commitment upfront. We think unfair contracts of any kind have no place in this industry. Before we begin, we test a small sample. If we fail to satisfy your fundraising needs in any way, you’re free to choose another provider.

Imagine teaming up with the face-to-face fundraising provider that does all that with the ultimate goal of acquiring more donors than any other service. We’ll further your campaign. That’ll further your cause. And soon you’ll be able to impact more lives in need. OK, that’s enough imagining. Contact us, and let’s make it a reality. Save those boxes for the auditor.