2022: A Year in Review

Category: Announcements


As an organization we created over 3,500,000 brand impressions for your charities!Our over 900 canvassers spoke to more than 7,200,000 potential donors across North America. That’s almost 50,000,000 marketing minutes we spent talking about your mission. We covered a lot of territory, with about 100 permanent locations in 7 states and 7 provinces, throughout United States and Canada. And that’s not all…

If you are curious, ask us what we did for you. How many monthly & one-time donors we acquired for your organization.


Over 80% of the numbers we collect for Face-to-face transactions are mobile? Have you considered SMS as a stand alone or part of your acquisition campaign? Charities are starting to action this, ask us about it!


In our call center we advocated for your cause with half a million interested donors over the phone, engaged in your brand. Positive results across the board and 80% of our charities  extended and renewed campaigns! We did everything from lead generation, to legacy, to lapsed conversion calling! And now we’ve grown acquiring HCB Canada/HCB Communications into our call center operations.


Our top post on LinkedIn with over 3000 impressions featured a top foundation here in Toronto: 

The AFP Awards Luncheon where we presented Ted Garrard, CEO of SickKids Foundation his AFP Lifetime Achievement award! It was a memorable event, you won’t want to miss it this year! And we received almost 20,000 visitors to our website!